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Lean Green Food (Marie Curie UE Program, actualmente en fase de investigación)
"Biosensors for in situ evaluation of bio availability of pollutants based on transcriptional regulators a la carte" (BIOCARTE Project,CORDIS. UE; 2003-2006)
Controlled Environment Bio piling for contaminated land treatment (TERRANOVA; 2000-2002)
Development, optimisation and application of genetically optimised microorganism and biosensors for monitoring and biorremediation of polyclorinated byphenyls. (2000).
Ultra-sensitive Multianalyte Inmunoassay based on DNA-sensor (ULISA;1998-2000)
Basic Research on the use of magnetic fluids in microsystems (MICROMAG;1998-2000)

Concerted Action BIOSET (1997-2000).
Molecularly imprinted materials for Integrated Chemical Sensors (MIMICS; 1996-1999)
Concerted Action on Biosensor stability" (1996-1999).
Evaluación de proyectos europeos de I+D en el área de microsistemas (ESPRIT)
Development of multiparametric detection of Avian Influenza Virus infections of humans and animals based on bio-molecule conjugated magnetic beads system. Viability Study for the VII Framework Programme.
Investigación y Desarrollo
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