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Measuring principle Respirometry
Sensor Dissolved oxygen sensor
Sensor response time 3 - 7 sec
Measuring range 10 - 1.000 mg/L 
Coefficient of variation of the signal < 3% 
Measuring temperature 25 ºC
Maximum temperature 50º C
Type of calibration Double in each cycle of analysis
Nutrient consumption 15 ml/cycle
Consumption of the wash solution 15 ml/cycle
Voltage 220V
Power supply 180 W


Software Polytox-res

POLYTOX-RES´s software interface

It is showed various analytical cycles (Cycle 1, 2, 3 and 4) of input (ME) and output (MS) sample in a project for a water purification station.
It can be seen in Cycle 4 (Cycle 4 TOX) how respirograme graphs are modified when the ingoing water sample (ME) contains toxic substances.






The POLYTOX-RES software, developed by BIOSENSORES shows accurately and in real time the degree of contamination of water through the respirometric response of the microorganisms to the effect in their different metabolic route of toxic substances in the analyzed water sample.

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