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Automated inmunobiosensor with magnetic particles as a renewable active surface for the detection and quantification of gas phase molecules and microorganisms in application for public safety and bioterrorism "(Ministry of Defence, Programa Coincidente, 2004-2006)
Bio remediation of boron in water using specific microorganisms supported on renewable continuous bio-filters (BIOBORON)
Control and monitoring of biofilms for water management with laser assisted measurement techniques (2000)
Activated sludge microflora in municipal waswaters treatment plants (MICROFLORA ATLAS; 1999)
On-line toxicity monitoring by renewable microorganisms. (1998).
Development of an immuno-biosensor with optoelectrics transducers, integrated in an injection flow analytical system for the quantification of tumoral markers in biological fluids
Continuous analyzer of ammonium for the control of water quality, based on the biosensor technology.
Development of an immunobiosensor for the detection of plaguicides by monoclonal antibodies
Development of both analitycal and control system for the detection on line of fungi producers of rotten citric fruit post-harvesting
Development of a prototype of an integrated immunobiosensor in an analitycal system by flow injectionfor the quantification of pesticides in fruits.
Immunobiosensor for the quantification of gastric and breast cancer.
Integrated ISFET system-immunobiosensor as magnetic renewable surface, as universal sensor for molecular analysis.
Automated and continuous determination of biochemical oxigen demand and water toxicity.
Toxic factors in the citric cultures
Development of a biosensor for detection of adulteration of milk by mixing products from different animal species.
Investigación y Desarrollo
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