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In this line of research, BIOSENSORES has developed technologies that use microorganisms specifically selected as sensors to analyze biological parameters of water quality such as Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), toxicity and quantification of microorganisms automatically, on- line and at low cost per analysis.

To develop this business line WATER ANALYSIS ON-LINE EUROPE (WOLA) was set up and it wants to become a reference company in Europe in the field of water analytical technologies.

For these purposes, the WOLA is looking for financial and industrial partners, in addition to support with financial resources, to provide expertise and entrepreneurial know-how.If you are interested in taking part on this project, do not hesitate to contact us.
The developed technology is especially applicable in the process of monitoring, treatment and re-use of water in waste water treatment plants (WWTP), polluting industries (ceramics, plastics, chemical, automobile, etc.), aquaculture and environmental control in rivers, lakes, beaches and protected areas.
Wastewater treatment plants Polluting industries Fish farms Protected areas
Thanks to this technology our customers can manage their treatment processes and re-use their water optimally and fast, enhacing significant energy savings. Also, thanks to the automated system, it is possible to control and monitor beaches, rivers and wetlands.
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