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The affinity biosensor technology, based on molecular interaction of antigen-specific antibody or complementary DNA, probes to quantify the analytes of interest.

The diagram below shows the key elements of biosensors.

Biosensores de afinidad molecular

For the quantification of the analyte of interest present in a liquid sample (Sample / Standard), it must have a molecular receptor (Receptor) that interacts specifically with the analyte, such as anti bodies, DNA, enzymes, etc. Their interaction generates physical-chemical changes in the environment (change of pH, mass variation, optical properties modification, generation or electron capture, etc.) that is captured by the transducer (Transductor), generating an electrical signal proportional to the analyte concentration within certain limits. Their electrical amplification (Amplifier), simultaneous to the detection, allows quantification of the analyte concentration in the sample.

This automation allows, among other advantages, to optimize the analysis time, treat many samples in a short time and so on-line, allowing sending data to mobile devices such as laboratory control panels, PDA, etc.

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