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Measuring principle Respirometry
Sensor Dissolved oxygen sensor
Sensor response time 3 - 7 sec
Measuring range 10 - 1.000 mg/L 
Coefficient of variation of the signal < 3% 
Measuring temperature 25 ºC
Maximum temperature 50º C
Type of calibration Double calibration type in each cycle of analysis
Nutrient consumption 15 ml/cycle
Consumption of the wash solution 15 ml/cycle
Voltage 220V
Power supply 180 W



MB-DBO´s software interface

The MB-DBO software, developed by BIOSENSORES, represents accurately and in real time:
  • The values of BOD and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in a temporal graph.
  • The sequence of the process being carried out by the device.
  • The latest BOD data collected in the previous analysis.
  • The remaining time for the start of each process.
  • The remaining time until the end of the analytical cycle.
  • An alarm box that shows possible failures: "connection failure between the computer and the microprocessor” or “the sample has exceeded previously preset"
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