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Automated device for on-line biodegradable organic matter (BOD) monitoring for municipal and industrial water in 45 minutes.
Over 210,000 hours of uninterrupted operation support the robustness of this device. Moreover, it is patented and supported by several Spanish organizations (Spanish Ministry of Public Works, CSIC and Government of Andalucía Region) and verified by EU environmental and science bodies (PROMOTE-ETV, BIOSET, Concerted Action).
MB-DBO equipment has the following key features:
  • Short time (30 minutes) analysis at low cost (1 € / analysis)
  • Frequency of analysis is fully programmable by the user. It can carry out from 10 to 20 tests per day.
  • The BIOSENSORES´s own-designed software allows emitting the collected data to any remote device: mobile phone, control panel, PDA, etc.
  • The equipment can capture warning samples that exceed certain limits for its later detailed analysis in a laboratory.
  • Thanks to its automation, the device is totally self-cleaning
  • Good correlation with the classical analysis in laboratory (BOD5)
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